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Language1396A system of signs for expressing thought. The system can be either natural or artificial, i.e. some...^
    HumanLanguage1380The subclass of Languages used by Humans.^
        ConstructedLanguage.An ConstructedLanguage is a HumanLanguage that did not evolve spontaneously within a language c...^
        NaturalLanguage345The subclass of HumanLanguages which are not designed and which evolve from generation to gener...^
        ManualHumanLanguage117A ManualHumanLanguage is a HumanLanguage which has as its medium gestures and movement, such as...^
        SpokenHumanLanguage926A SpokenHumanLanguage is a HumanLanguage which has as its medium the human voice. It can also b...^
        WrittenHumanLanguage11The form of a HumanLanguage used in Writing. Not all HumanLanguages have a written form. Ther...^

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