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Motion387Any Process of movement.^
InternalChange402Processes which involve altering an internal property of an Object, e.g. the shape of the Obj...^
    GeologicalProcess13The class of activities that are caused by geological forces and affect geological features, and wh...^
        Earthquake.Earthquake is the class of events in which the earth shakes while its layers readjust due to tens...^
        EarthTremor1An EarthTremor is an individual seismic event in which the earth shakes due to release of seismic...^
        VolcanicEruption1VolcanicEruption is the subclass of GeologicalProcesses in which Volcanoes erupt.^
        CarbonCycle.CarbonCycle is the class of GeologicalProcesses in which carbon in various forms is passed betw...^
        Erosion1Erosion is a wearing process on LandForms by wind, running water, ice, heat, and other processe...^
        Landslide3Landslide is a subclass of Motion that represents events in which a loosened mass of mud, dirt,...^

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