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Physical7583An entity that has a location in space-time. Note that locations are themselves understood to have ...^
    ContentBearingPhysical2022Any Object or Process that expresses content. This covers Objects that contain a Propositio...^
        VisualContentBearingPhysical63Instances of VisualContentBearingPhysical are ContentBearingPhysicals that are intended to conv...^
        ContentBearingProcess154Any Process, for example ManualHumanLanguage, which may contain a Proposition.^
        ContentBearingObject383Any SelfConnectedObject that expresses content. This content may be a Proposition, e.g. when th...^
        Icon98This is the subclass of ContentBearingPhysical which are not part of a Language and which have ...^
        LinguisticExpression1563This is the subclass of ContentBearingPhysical which are language-related. Note that this Class...^
        Brand.Brand refers to a unique design, sign, symbol, name or a combination of these that is employed in...^

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