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Holder40A large class of Devices whose purpose is to hold something else, i.e. be the instrument of a &...^
    Container33Any Holder whose purpose is to contain something else. Note that Container is more specific in ...^
        ProjectileShell.The outer casing of a Projectile.^
        Holster.A Container for a Pistol. It is generally made of Leather and worn on either the shoulder or th...^
        Wastebasket.A Container which is used for trash.^
        Oven.A HeatingDevice with a door for inserting and removing Food that is to undergo Baking.^
        Refrigerator.The intersection of Containers and ElectricDevices in which the temperature is reduced from tha...^
        PotOrPan.A Container which has a handle and is used for Cooking.^
        SafeContainer.A Container with a Lock which is intended to secure items from theft. Note that this covers saf...^
        ChestOrCabinet.Any piece of Furniture which is also a Container, e.g. a chest of drawers, a memory chest, an arm...^
        Coffin.A Container for a HumanCorpse.^
        Compartment.A Container which is part of another Container, e.g. a drawer, a zippered pouch in a piece of l...^
        Mailbox.A Container whose purpose is to receive items that are mailed to the address associated with the ...^
        Bag.A Pliable Container with the purpose of Transfer of Object.^
        Box1Any six-sided Container whose sides are rectangular in shape.^
        Envelope.A sealable Container for one or more pieces of paper which is designed to protect the papers whil...^
        TravelContainer.Any Container which is intended to be used for carrying clothing, toiletries, and other personal ...^
        FluidContainer14A Container which is used to store Fluids, i.e. Liquids and Gases.^
        Pericardium.The pericardium, also called pericardial sac, is a double-walled sac containing the Heart and the...^
        ProductPackage.ProductPackage is the class of objects designed to contain Products for shipping and sale.^

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