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MilitaryVehicle16Any Vehicle which is intended to be used by a MilitaryOrganization. Military platforms which ar...^
PassengerVehicle21A Vehicle that is designed to carry Humans. Note that Vehicles that are not designed to carry...^
LandVehicle69LandVehicle is the class of TransportationDevices that travel on land. The two main types of ...^
PoweredVehicle38A Vehicle that has a powerComponent. Note that PoweredVehicles include those vehicles that ha...^
ArmoredVehicle4a vehicle that is protected by armor plate (WN)^
    APC2Armoured personnel carriers (APCs) are armoured fighting vehicles developed to transport infantry o...^
        LAV1The Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV, also called Mowag Piranha but not by the USMC) is a family of armo...^

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