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refers41(refers ?OBJ1 ?OBJ2) means that ?OBJ1 mentions or includes a reference to ?OBJ2. Note that refe...^
    represents13A very general semiotics Predicate. (represents ?THING ?ENTITY) means that ?THING in some way i...^
        productModel.(productModel ?Model ?Product) means that ?Model represents the type of the Product ?Product^
        hardwareType.(hardwareType ?TYPE ?COMPUTER) means that TYPE represents the computer vendor model name, as well...^
        anthem.(anthem ?M ?O) means that Music ?M is adopted as a song that represents Object ?O. This is mo...^
        record.(record ?OBJ ?PHYS), a more specific relationship than represents, means that some Physical ?...^
        conforms.(conforms ?OBJ ?PROP) describes how ?OBJ follows the ideas outlined by ?PROP^
        containsInformation3A subrelation of represents. This predicate relates a ContentBearingPhysical to the Propositi...^
        realization.A subrelation of represents. (realization ?PROCESS ?PROP) means that ?PROCESS is a Process whic...^
        abstractCounterpart.(abstractCounterpart ?AB ?PHYS) relates a Physical entity to an Abstract one which is an ideali...^
        productBrand.(productBrand ?BRAND ?OBJ) means that the perception associated with Brand ?BRAND is reflected ...^
        implementsProtocol.A Relation that specifies that a ComputerProgram impelements and conforms to a given Computer...^

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