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    measure21A very general Predicate for asserting that a particular Physical is measured by a particular &...^
        significantWaveHeight. significantWaveHeight is a TernaryPredicate. (significantWaveHeight ?WA ?TIME ?SWH) ?SWH is a ...^
        trackWidth.The distance between the two rails of a Railway.^
        fleetGrossRegisteredTonnage.(fleetGrossRegisteredTonnage ?FLEET ?AMOUNT) means that the Collection of Ships ?FLEET has a ...^
        fleetDeadWeightTonnage.(fleetDeadWeightTonnage ?FLEET ?AMOUNT) means that the Collection of Ships ?FLEET has a total...^
        vesselDisplacement2(vesselDisplacement ?VESSEL ?AMOUNT) means that the displacement of WaterVehicle ?VESSEL is the...^
        memorySize.(memorySize ?System ?Size) holds if ?Size is the required memory size for the ComputationalSyst...^
        absorbedDose.The amount of energy imparted by nuclear (or ionizing) radiation to unit mass of absorbing material...^
        effectiveRange.Models the effective range of some device that is able to move by itself (like vehicles, rockets an...^
        airTemperature.(airTemperature ?AREA ?TEMP) means that the temperature of the air at ?AREA is ?TEMP. Temperature...^
        weight.(weight ?O ?MM) means that on planet earth the SelfConnectedObject ?O has the weight ?MM.^
        age.Simply relates an Object to a ConstantQuantity specifying the age of the Object.^
        linearExtent4BinaryPredicate that is used to state the measure of an Object from one point to another point ...^
        barometricPressure.(barometricPressure ?AREA ?PRESSURE) means that the atmospheric pressure measured at ?AREA is ?PR...^

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