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relative26(relative ?O1 ?O2)的意思是 ?O1 和 ?O2 是有相关的, 这可以是他们来自共同的祖先(血缘关系)也可以是由于某些人的婚姻(姻亲关系)或是某人被收养了。这个定义是特意地定的 ...^
    familyRelation24这是生物关系上,一个最笼统的 Predicate。 (familyRelation ?ORGANISM1 ?ORGANISM2)的意思是 ?ORGANISM1 和 ?ORGANISM2 在生...^
        aunt.(aunt ?AUNT ?PERSON) means that ?AUNT is the sister of a parent of ?PERSON.^
        cousin.(cousin ?PERSON1 ?PERSON2) means that ?PERSON1 and ?PERSON2 are cousins, i.e. ?PERSON1 and ?PERSON2...^
        nephew.(nephew ?NEPHEW ?PERSON) means that ?NEPHEW is the son of a sibling of ?PERSON.^
        niece.(niece ?NIECE ?PERSON) means that ?NIECE is the daughter of a sibling of ?PERSON.^
        uncle.(uncle ?UNCLE ?PERSON) means that ?UNCLE is the brother of a parent of ?PERSON.^
        sibling2这是两个拥有共同 motherfatherOrganism 之间的关系。注:这个关系不包括同父异母或同母异父的兄弟或姐妹等等之间的关系。^
        paternalUncle.In Arabic: Eam~. Father's brother, paternal uncle.^
        maternalUncle.In Arabic: xaAl. Mother's brother, maternal uncle.^
        paternalAunt.In Arabic: Eam~ap. Father's sister, paternal aunt.^
        maternalAunt.In Arabic: xaAlap. Mother's sister, maternal aunt.^
        fathersBrothersWife.In Arabic: zawojap AlEam~. Wife of father's brother.^
        mothersBrothersWife.In Arabic: zawojap AlxaAl. Wife of mother's brother.^
        fathersSistersHusband.In Arabic: zawoj AlEam~ap. Husband of father's sister.^
        mothersSistersHusband.In Arabic: zawoj AlxaAlap. Husband of mother's sister.^
        fathersBrothersSon.In Arabic: Aibon AlEam~. Son of father's brother.^
        fathersBrothersDaughter.In Arabic: binot AlEam~. Female cousin on the father side, daughter of father's brother .^
        mothersBrothersSon.In Arabic: Aibon AlxaAl. Male cousin on the mother's side, son of mother's brother.^
        mothersBrothersDaughter.In Arabic: binot AlxaAl. Female cousin on the mother's side, daughter of mother's brother.^
        fathersSistersSon.In Arabic: Aibon AlEam~ap. Son of father's sister.^
        fathersSistersDaughter.In Arabic: binot AlEam~ap. Daughter of father's sister.^
        mothersSistersSon.In Arabic: Aibon AlxaAlap. Son of mother's sister.^
        mothersSistersDaughter.In Arabic: binot AlxaAlap. Daughter of mother's sister.^

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