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involvedInEvent54(involvedInEvent ?EVENT ?THING) means that in the Process ?EVENT, the Entity ?THING plays some ...^
    agent8(agent ?PROCESS ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT is an active determinant, either animate or inanimate, ...^
        invadingVirus.(invadingVirus ?CELLINV ?VIRUS) means that ?VIRUS is a virus that invades a host cell in the cell...^
        plaintiff.(plaintiff ?ACTION ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT is responsible for initiating the LegalAction ?ACTIO...^
        contestParticipant.(contestParticipant ?CONTEST ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT is one of the sides in the Contest ?CONT...^
        serviceProvider.(serviceProvider ?EVENT ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT is the supplier of the service provided in ?EVE...^
        gainsControl.(gainsControl ?EVENT ?AGENT) means that during ?EVENT, ?AGENT gains control of the patient (obj...^
        arrestingOfficer.The PoliceOfficer who is PlacingUnderArrest the arrested individual.^
        perpetrator.A agent of a CriminalAction. Note that for some crimes like manslaughter the agent may not nece...^
        prosecutor.The representative of the state in a criminal case. The goal of the prosecutor is an adversarial sy...^

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