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Vehicle175Vehicle is the subclass of TransportationDevices that transport passengers or goods from one pl...^
    WaterVehicle79WaterVehicle is the class of all TransportationDevices used to travel on or in water.^
        DisplacementHullWaterVehicle52DisplacementHullWaterVehicle is a subclass of WaterVehicle with hulls designed to move water asid...^
        PlaningHullWaterVehicle.PlaningHullWaterVehicle is a subclass of WaterVehicle with hulls designed for a position partiall...^
        Barge.A Flat bottomed CargoShip.^
        Canoe.A canoe is a small narrow boat, typically human-powered.^
        Kayak.A kayak is a small human-powered boat that traditionally has a covered deck and one or more cockpit...^
        PersonalWatercraft.PersonalWatercraft is the class of motor-driven WaterVehicle ridden by one or more passengers, ...^
        Keelboat.Keel boat is a classification for small- to mid-sized recreational sailing yachts.^
        MilitaryWaterVehicle2MilitaryWaterVehicle is the class of all WaterVehicle owned or leased for use by some Militar...^
        AmphibiousVehicle3The class of vehicles that can go on land and water^
        Submarine.A WaterVehicle which is capable of travelling under the water level by filling tanks with water.^

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