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GeographicArea1291A geographic location, generally having definite boundaries. Note that this differs from its immedi...^
    WaterArea96A body which is made up predominantly of water, e.g. rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.^
        SurfZone.The WaterArea off the Shoreline where waves break.^
        Harbor1Harbor is the subclass of WaterAreas that provide shelter and anchorage for WaterVehicle.^
        Anchorage1Anchorage is the subclass of WaterAreas where WaterVehicle may anchor with some shelter or sa...^
        ShipBerth.ShipBerth is the class of areas where a Ship may be moored, whether at an Anchorage or dock.^
        StreamWaterArea8A relatively narrow WaterArea where the water flows constantly and in the same direction, e.g. a ...^
        StaticWaterArea1A WaterArea in which water does not flow constantly or in the same direction, e.g. most lakes and...^
        SaltWaterArea48A WaterArea whose Water is saline, e.g. oceans and seas.^
        FreshWaterArea6A WaterArea whose Water is not saline, e.g. most rivers and lakes.^
        HydropowerWaterArea.HydropowerWaterArea is the class of WaterAreas with waterflow strength adequate for the product...^
        BodyOfWater55A BodyOfWater is a connected body of water with established boundaries marked by either geographi...^
        WaterCurrent5WaterCurrent is a subclass of FlowRegions consisting of moving water, especially those currents...^
        InlandWaterSystem.An instance of InlandWaterSystem comprises two or more lakes or rivers, canals, or other waterway...^
        StreamWaterConfluence.A StreamWaterConfluence is the place where a stream or other tributary joins a river.^
        RiverSystem.A RiverSystem comprises all the tributary streams and rivers (StreamWaterAreas) that drain alon...^
        Waterway11Waterway is the class of navigable waters, including Oceans, SeaLanes, Rivers, Canals, ...^
        RiverMouth.RiverMouth is the subclass of WaterAreas that are the outfalls of a river or stream into anothe...^

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