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ToxicOrganism70The Class of Organisms which are poisonous to other Organisms.^
Virus56An Organism consisting of a core of a single nucleic acid enclosed in a protective coat of protei...^
    ViralAgent34BiologicalAgents that are also a Virus.^
        YellowFeverVirus.A Virus that can result in chills, fever, stomach bleeding, and YellowSkin.^
        FootAndMouthVirus.A Virus that is smaller than YellowFeverVirus.^
        EbolaVirus.A Virus that causes a form of hemorrhagic fever.^
        MonkeypoxVirus.The Virus that causes Monkeypox.^
        VariolaMajor.A Virus that causes Smallpox. Also known as the smallpox virus.^
        VariolaMinor.A Virus that causes Smallpox. Also known as Alastrim.^
        HIVVirus.The Virus that causes AcquiredImmunoDeficiencySyndrome.^
        Myxomatosis.A Virus that is infectious to rabbits and may cause blindness and death in these Rodents.^
        VenezuelanEquineEncephalitisVirus.The Virus that causes VenezuelanEquineEncephalitis.^
        HerpesVirus3The family of ViralAgent that includes various kinds of herpes simplex virus including HerpesBVir...^
        WestNileVirus.A flavivirus that causes WestNileFever.^
        DengueFeverVirus.Any of four related but distinct virus serotypes that are carried by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito and...^
        LaCrosseVirus.The Virus that causes LaCrossEncephalitis. It is carried by the Aedes Triseriatus mosquito, as ...^
        SaintLouisEncephalitisVirus.The Virus that causes SaintLouisEncephalitis. Mosquitoes carry this virus, which is then tran...^
        EasternEquineEncephalitisVirus.The Virus that causes EasternEquineEncephalitis. Mosquitoes carry this virus, which is then tra...^
        JapaneseEncephalitisVirus.The Virus that causes JapaneseEncephalitis. Mosquitoes in agricultural areas of Asia carry this...^
        MarburgVirus.The Virus that causes MarburgDisease.^
        HepatitisVirus3Viruses that cause Hepatitis.^
        Rotavirus.There are three types of Rotavirus: Group A, Group B, and Group C. They cause an acute form of ga...^
        LassaVirus.The Virus that causes LassaFever.^
        CrimeanCongoHemorrhagicFeverVirus.The Virus that causes CrimeanCongoHemorrhagicFever.^
        JuninVirus.This Virus derives its name from the Junin area of Argentina, where occurrences have so far been ...^
        MachupoVirus.The Virus that causes BolivianHemorrhagicFever.^
        GuanaritoVirus.The Virus that causes VenezuelanHemorrhagicFever.^
        SabiaVirus.The Virus that causes BrazilianHemorrhagicFever.^
        FlexalVirus.A Virus that that is responsible for a hemorrhagic fever found in South America.^
        HendraVirus.A Virus found in Australia and Papua New Guinea that infects humans and horses. The natural host ...^
        NipahVirus.Closely related to HendraVirus. Like the HendraVirus, the natural host of NipahVirus appears ...^

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