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Relation1720The Class of relations. There are two kinds of Relation: Predicate and Function. Predicat...^
    VariableArityRelation12The Class of Relations that do not have a fixed number of arguments.^
        processList.The arguments of this relation are data structures, each of which contains the information necessar...^
        contraryAttribute.A contraryAttribute is a set of Attributes such that something can not simultaneously have more...^
        exhaustiveAttribute.This predicate relates a Class to a set of Attributes, and it means that the elements of this s...^
        exhaustiveDecomposition.An exhaustiveDecomposition of a Class C is a set of subclasses of C such that every instance of...^
        disjointDecomposition.A disjointDecomposition of a Class C is a set of subclasses of C that are mutually disjoint.^
        partition.A partition of a Class C is a set of mutually disjoint classes (a subclass partition) which c...^
        AssignmentFn.If F is a Function with a value for the objects denoted by N1,..., NK, then (AssignmentFn F N1 ...^
        ListFn.A Function that takes any number of arguments and returns the List containing those arguments i...^
        GreatestCommonDivisorFn.(GreatestCommonDivisorFn ?NUMBER1 ?NUMBER2 ... ?NUMBER) returns the greatest common divisor of ?N...^
        LeastCommonMultipleFn.(LeastCommonMultipleFn ?NUMBER1 ?NUMBER2 ... ?NUMBER) returns the least common multiple of ?NUMBE...^
        LatitudeFn.LatitudeFn is a VariableArityRelation used to denote a parallel of latitude. Examples: (Latit...^
        LongitudeFn.(LongitudeFn ?DIRECTION @ROW) denotes a meridian of longitude. Note that LongitudeFn is a Var...^

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