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NonCompositeUnitOfMeasure232Instances of this Class are UnitsOfMeasure that are applied to a single dimension, and so are n...^
    UnitOfTemperature4Every instance of this Class is a UnitOfMeasure that can be used with MeasureFn to form insta...^
        KelvinDegree.SI UnitOfMeasure used with MeasureFn to produce terms denoting instances of TemperatureMeasur...^
        CelsiusDegree.A TemperatureMeasure. The freezing point and the boiling point of water are, respectively, 0 Ce...^
        RankineDegree.A TemperatureMeasure. Note that 0 RankineDegrees is the same as the absolute zero (i.e. 0 Kel...^
        FahrenheitDegree.A UnitOfTemperature that is commonly used in the United States. On the Fahrenheit scale, the free...^

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