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Device952A Device is an Artifact whose purpose is to serve as an instrument in a specific subclass of ...^
    TransportationDevice188A TransportationDevice is a Device which serves as the instrument in a Transportation Pro...^
        SnowSki.SnowSki is a type of TransportationDevice made of narrow metal, wood or plastic used to glide t...^
        WaterSki.WaterSki is a type of TransportationDevice used to glide through water^
        WindSurfingBoard.WindSurfingBoard is a WaterBoard with a Mast and Sail that uses the Wind to glide through...^
        MilitaryPlatform17Military platforms. These are usually mobile entities which can carry military equipment such as ...^
        Elevator.A TransportationDevice consisting of a car that moves up and down in a vertical shaft so that peo...^
        Pump4A Device that moves Fluids by means of pressure or suction.^
        Oar.A Device consisting of a flat, broad surface attached to a handle that is used as an instrument i...^
        Wheelchair.Wheelchair is a type of LandVehicle that is used to individually transport those who cannot wal...^
        Vehicle175Vehicle is the subclass of TransportationDevices that transport passengers or goods from one pl...^

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