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BiologicalAgent15A naturally occurring Substance, or a synthetic analogue of such a substance or an Organism tha...^
BiologicallyActiveSubstance160A Substance that is capable of inducing a change in the structure or functioning of an Organism...^
    Toxin14BiologicalAgents that are a toxic BiologicallyActiveSubstance produced by an Organism or that...^
        Mycotoxin3A Toxin that is produced by a FungalAgent.^
        Batrachotoxin.A Toxin produced by some species of Frogs.^
        BotulinumToxin.A Toxin produced by the bacterium ClostridiumBotulinum. It paralyzes muscles if ingested, and o...^
        EpsilonToxin.A Toxin produced by the bacterium ClostridiumPerfringens that causes a mild form of food poison...^
        RicinToxin.An extremely toxic protein found in the castor bean plant (ricinus communis). It is 200 times more ...^
        AbrinToxin.An extremely toxic protein found in the seeds of the rosary pea. Its mechanism, symptoms, and treat...^
        ShigaToxin.The Toxin produced by the Bacterium ShigellaDysenteriae.^
        StaphylococcalEnterotoxinB.A common cause of food poisoning. It has been studied as a BiologicalAgent, because it is stable,...^
        Saxitoxin.A class of chemically related neurotoxins that are produced by marine dinoflagellates and carried b...^
        Conotoxin.A class of neurotoxins that are produced by the Pacific cone snails. The lethality of these toxins ...^
        Tetrodotoxin.A Toxin produced by the pufferfish and several other (widely varying) species. The initial sympto...^

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