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ContentBearingPhysical2028Un Object o Process que expresa contenido. Esto cubre los Objects que contienen una Proposi...^
    SymbolicString68La Class de secuencias alfanuméricas.^
        SearchQuery.A SymbolicString which is the result of a Questioning where the destination of the Questi...^
        AOCnumber.The certification number that signifies an Airline has recieved an Air Operator Certification, al...^
        PhysicalAddress1The collection of all addresses which identify a location of a ComputerFile.^
        DigitalData37This term refers to any data that is recorded, displayed, or stored as a string of BinaryNumbers....^
        UserName.The name a person uses to identify himself or herself when logging onto a computer system or online...^
        ComputerPassword.A word or code used to serve as a security measure against unauthorized access to data. It is norma...^
        Syllable.A sequence of Characters from the same Word that denote a single sound.^
        AccountNumber.A unique SymbolicString for a relationship between a Corporation and AutonomousAgent.^
        InvoiceNumber.A SymbolicString for an Invoice which is unique to Seller.^
        PurchaseOrderNumber.A SymbolicString for a Purchase which is unique to a buyer.^
        Character4Un elemento de un abecedario, un conjunto de números, etc. Note que un Character puede o no ser p...^
        UnicodeString.An instance of UnicodeString is a SymbolicString that contains Unicode character encodings, t...^

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