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SelfConnectedObject1584A SelfConnectedObject is any Object that does not consist of two or more disconnected parts.^
    Substance540An Object in which every part is similar to every other in every relevant respect. More precisely...^
        Fuel7Fuel is the class of Substances that can be used as resources in Combustion processes in order to...^
        Wax.Any Substance of high molecular weight that resembles beeswax.^
        Electricity.While electricity is typically thought of as just a difference in electrical potential, one way of ...^
        Wicker2A Wicker is a kind of Pliable materials used for Wickering. Traditionally, wicker is made of ...^
        Surfactant2Surfactants, also known as Wetting agents, lower the surface tension of a Liquid, allowing easi...^
        Powder2Any Solid Substance which consists of loose, identical, and very small particles.^
        ExplosiveSubstance.Any Substance which is capable of exploding.^
        Rock7Rock is any naturally formed aggregate of one or more minerals, consolidated or not, with some de...^
        Beverage32Any food that is ingested by Drinking. Note that this class is disjoint Meat and FruitOrVeget...^
        Butter.An emulsion of fat which is produced by churning Milk.^
        SyntheticSubstance.Any Substance that is the result of an IntentionalProcess, i.e. any substance that is created b...^
        NaturalSubstance1Any Substance that is not the result of an IntentionalProcess, i.e. any substance that occurs n...^
        PureSubstance229The Class of Substances with constant composition. A PureSubstance can be either an element (...^
        Mixture67A Mixture is two or more PureSubstances, combined in varying proportions - each retaining its o...^
        Mineral12Any of various naturally occurring homogeneous substances (such as stone, coal, salt, sulfur, sand,...^
        BiologicallyActiveSubstance160A Substance that is capable of inducing a change in the structure or functioning of an Organism...^
        BodySubstance54Extracellular material and mixtures of cells and extracellular material that are produced, excreted...^
        Meat36Any food which was originally part of an Animal and is not ingested by drinking, including eggs a...^
        Effluent.Effluent is a Substance that generically covers any waste matter that is released into the envi...^
        NoxiousSubstance.NoxiousSubstance is the class of Substances that are harmful to Humans.^
        Crystal1A Crystal Solid is a Substance with a CrystallineStructure.^
        LiquidDrop2A LiquidDrop is a small column of liquid, bounded almost completely by free surfaces.^
        Juice.A liquid (at room temperature) created by squeezing, crushing, or pureeing a FruitOrVegetable.^
        Vinegar.Vinegar is an acidic liquid produced from the fermentation of ethanol in a process that yields its ...^
        ConductorSubstance1A Substance that readily conducts electricity.^
        InsulatorSubstance.a Substance such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical conductivity.^
        Sugar.A simple Carbohydrate that has a sweet taste and consists mostly or entirely of sucrose.^
        Antifreeze.Any Substance designed to lower the meltingPoint of Water.^
        ChemicalAcid2A bitter CompoundSubstance that is capable of reacting with a ChemicalBase and forming a Chem...^
        Lubricant1Any Substance that reduces Friction between two objects that are in contact and move with respe...^

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