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WeatherProcess64WeatherProcess は、気象シーズンを含む最も 広範なプロセスクラスである (SeasonOfYear、気象システム、短期気象イベントのインスタンスと混同し ないよう注意)。^
    Storm17Storms occurs in an area where its Atmosphere is dominated by a LowPressureWeatherSystem with...^
        CyclonicStorm7CyclonicStorm is the class of LowPressureWeatherSystems that involve a low pressure area surrou...^
        DustStorm2DustStorms happen in AridClimateZones or SemiaridClimateZones. They occur when a strong Win...^
        Tornado.A Tornado is a rapidly rotating column of Air which extends from the Cloud base of a cumuloni...^
        Blizzard.A Blizzard is a Snowing with surfaceWindSpeed of over 35 KnotUnitOfSpeed for a sustained ...^
        Snowstorm.A Snowstorm is Snowing at the snowfallIntensity of more than 5 Centimeter per HourDuratio...^

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