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OccupationalRole223RelationalAttribute ascribing to a CognitiveAgent a relation towards some activity or a set o...^
    SkilledOccupation212Any Position which requires learning a set of skills.^
        ProfessionalGamePlayer5A person who earns a living playing a game.^
        ProfessionalAthlete23ProfessionalAthlete is a person who is trained to compete in sports and makes his living from doi...^
        MilitaryRank37The class of Positions in a Military. Rank is usually commensurate with degrees of power, prest...^
        OccupationalTrade4Any Position that involves skilled manual work.^
        Profession108Any occupation that requires at least a bachelor's degree.^
        SalesPosition.Any Position which involves Selling or trying to sell items.^
        ServicePosition7Any Position which involves working as a waiter or servant, either for an Organization (e.g. a ...^
        EntertainmentProfession10Positions which involve creating content or performances that are intended to entertain. This class...^
        SportsPosition.A Position which is filled by someone on a SportsTeam and which represents the role played by t...^
        Bartender.A bartender is a person who serves AlcoholicBeverages behind a counter (or similar) in a bar, pub...^
        SafetyPosition1A SkilledOccupation where the purpose of the job is to prevent Injuring to another Human.^
        ArtisticOccupation16People in design, education, arts, music and entertainment, whose economic function is to create ne...^

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