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RoadVehicle23The class of LandVehicles that are not RollingStock.^
PoweredVehicle38A Vehicle that has a powerComponent. Note that PoweredVehicles include those vehicles that ha...^
    SelfPoweredRoadVehicle15SelfPoweredRoadVehicle is the class of RoadVehicles that are also PoweredVehicles. SelfPowe...^
        Motorcycle.Motorcycle is the subclass of RoadVehicles that have two wheels one behind the other in the frame...^
        Automobile7Automobile is a subclass of SelfPoweredRoadVehicles including passenger cars, family vans, light ...^
        Bus.Bus is the subclass of SelfPoweredRoadVehicles that can transport large numbers of passengers (i....^
        Truck4Any Vehicle that is intended to carry substantial amounts of cargo, in addition to passengers. Th...^

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