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Device952A Device is an Artifact whose purpose is to serve as an instrument in a specific subclass of ...^
    SafetyDevice13Any Device that is designed to prevent (or lessen the likelihood of) the Injuring of a Human....^
        ClimbingCarabiner.A Carabiner that has the purpose of and is certified for use as protection in rock climbing.^
        VehicleSafetyDevice2Any SafetyDevice that is designed to prevent (or lessen the likelihood of) the Injuring of a ...^
        SafetyHarness.A SafetyDevice designed to protect a person from Injuring. The SafetyHarness is an attachment...^
        HearingProtection.A SafetyDevice that has the purpose to protect Human from Injuring caused by RadiatingSound...^
        ProtectiveEyewear.A general concept for a WearableItem (like goggles and protective glasses) designed to prevent th...^
        Respirator.Device designed to protect the wearer from Injuring caused by Inhaling of harmful substances....^
        SafetyVest.Clothing designed to increas the visibility of the wearer and so protect him from Injuring^
        Helmet2Any WearableItem designed to protect the Head of the individual who wears it.^
        MotorcycleGlove.Gloves that are intended for use while riding a Motorcycle. They may include features such as s...^

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