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Attribute3599Qualities which we cannot or choose not to reify into subclasses of.^
    RelationalAttribute3127Any Attribute that an Entity has by virtue of a relationship that it bears to another Entity ...^
        SpeedScaleAttribute27SpeedScaleAttribute is a class of Attributes for indicating the speed of a Motion^
        AirportClassification9AirportClassification is a class of Attributes for representing systems that categorize Airpo...^
        EnvironmentSoftwareAttribute.The class of attributes which correspond to environment variables. Environment variables are define...^
        ProcessStatus2A class of attributes. Each instance of ProcessStatus describes a status of a Process, such as ...^
        PriorityAttribute2A class of attributes which describe priorities of ComputationalSystems.^
        SoftwareAttribute13The class of all attributes that are specific to SoftwareSystems.^
        RealtimeSystemAttribute33The class of Attributes which describe instances of the class RealtimeSystem.^
        ComputerStatus4An attribute which describes status of the Computer, such as HostDown, HostReady.^
        ReligiousAttribute29An Attribute indicating the membership of a Human in a BeliefGroup. Note that various attribu...^
        IndustryAttribute1699IndustryAttribute is a class of Attributes which identify an Organization as belonging to a p...^
        RecordingAttribute6RecordingAttribute refers to RelationalAttributes that describe the conditions that a Recordi...^
        AlbumAttribute1AlbumAttribute is used to describe the contents of an Album^
        MusicGenre38MusicGenre is a categorical construct that identifies musical sound as belonging to a particular ...^
        BedAttribute1BedAttribute is the class of attributes attached to the type of cushion a Bed has^
        PoliticoEconomicAttribute97Any Attribute of a Government which specifies some aspect of the political or economic system o...^
        SizeAttribute3SizeAttribute refers to attributes that pertain to the measure of some Object^
        ConservationStatus8The conservation status of a group of organisms (for instance, a species) indicates whether the gro...^
        MeasurementAttribute12An Attribute that indicates what about a particular object is being measured. This is most common...^
        LegalAgent43A LegalAgent is an Attribute of an AutonomousAgent that is allowed by law to to act and be tr...^
        TruthValue2The Class of truth values, e.g. True and False. These are Attributes of Sentences and P...^
        PositionalAttribute35Attributes characterizing the orientation of an Object, e.g. Vertical versus Horizontal, ...^
        TimeZone5An Attribute which is used to specify coordinates in which time measures are uniform, i.e. all ti...^
        SocialRole323The Class of all Attributes that specify the position or status of a CognitiveAgent within an...^
        NormativeAttribute120A Class containing all of the Attributes that are specific to morality, legality, aesthetics, e...^
        PerceptualAttribute53Any Attribute whose presence is detected by an act of Perception.^
        HotelRoomAttribute14HotelRoomAttribute gives descriptions about HotelUnit^
        HotelLevelAttribute3HotelLevelAttribute are attributes that describe certain BuildingLevels in a HotelBuilding^
        LegalSystemAttribute8LegalSystemAttribute is the class of Attributes that are used to characterize legal systems, as...^
        MemberStatus31MemberStatus is the class of RelationalAttributes that represent the different kinds of status ...^
        AreaOfConcern163AreaOfConcern is a subclass of Attributes that represent and classify the kinds of interests th...^
        LiquidityAttribute2A class of attributes which describe the degree to which accounts can be easily converted to cash.^
        RiskAttribute2A class of attributes which describe the degree of risk of a particular investment.^
        YieldAttribute2A class of attributes which describe the degree to which accounts are profitable.^
        FinancialRating4The highest rating is usually AAA-Rating, and the lowest is D-Rating.^
        ServiceAttribute2The class of attributes which describe CommercialServices, such as OpenService and ClosedServ...^
        FinancialAccountStatus4A class of four attributes indicating the status of a financial account, viz. ActiveAccount, Lo...^
        EconomicRole4A Class of RelationalAttributes that specify the EconomicRole of a Object or Process in t...^
        Cuisine215Cuisine is an attribute applied to classes of PreparedFood to specify that it is typical of a parti...^
        AccountSecurityType2The type of security protocol used to log in to an account. This can refer to a modality like a fin...^

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