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RelationalAttribute3083Any Attribute that an Entity has by virtue of a relationship that it bears to another Entity ...^
    RecordingAttribute6RecordingAttribute refers to RelationalAttributes that describe the conditions that a Recordi...^
        LiveRecording.LiveRecording refers to a MusicRecording that was captured directly from a Performance^
        StudioRecording.StudioRecording refers to a MusicRecording that was captured from sessions in a recording studi...^
        DemoRecording.A DemoRecording refers to a Recording that is meant to be for a smaller group of people and is ...^
        MashupRecording.A MashupRecording refers to a Recording that consists of two or more songs made into one song.^
        RemixRecording.A RemixRecording refers to a Recording that has an original Recording that was somehow altere...^
        CoverRecording.A CoverRecording refers to a MusicRecording whose Music was recorded and released by somebody...^

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