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Radiating61Processes in which some form of electromagnetic radiation, e.g. radio waves, light waves, electrica...^
    RadiatingElectromagnetic18RadiatingElectromagnetic is the subclass of Radiating processes in which electromagnetic radiat...^
        RadiatingUltraviolet.Any case of RadiatingElectromagnetic where the wavelengths are shorter than those of visible li...^
        Magnetism.Any instance of RadiatingElectromagnetic which involves the attraction of Iron.^
        RadioEmission3Any instance of RadiatingElectromagnetic where the waves have a wavelength between 5 milimeters a...^
        RadiatingLight4The subclass of Radiating in which light is given off or absorbed. Some examples include blinki...^
        RadiatingInfrared.Any instance of Radiating where the wavelengths are longer than those of visible light and shor...^
        RadiatingXRay.A form of RadiatingElectromagnetic with wavelength ranging from 0.01 to 10 Nanometers, corres...^
        ElectricTransmission4The movement of a electric potential (modeled as a Substance) from one point to another necessari...^

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