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Abstract5992Properties or qualities as distinguished from any particular embodiment of the properties/qualities...^
    Proposition372Propositions are Abstract entities that express a complete thought or a set of such thoughts. A...^
        TPFDD.The Joint Operation Planning and Execution System database portion of an operation plan, it contain...^
        Music2Music refers to the conception of music - it's notes, tempo, arrangement, lyrics, etc. as thought...^
        LyricalContent.LyricalContent is the conceptual idea of Lyrics.^
        Agreement39Agreement is the class of Propositions that express the contents of agreements entered into by ...^
        ClassificationScheme12A ClassificationScheme is a conceptual structure, an abstract arrangement of concepts and the rel...^
        Policy12Policy is (the contents of) a type of Declaring created and enforced by an Organization such ...^
        Graph6The Class of graphs, where a graph is understood to be a set of GraphNodes connected by Graph...^
        GraphElement3Noncompositional parts of Graphs. These parts are restricted to GraphNodes and GraphArcs.^
        FieldOfStudy43An academic or applied discipline with recognized experts and with a core of accepted theory or pra...^
        Procedure160A sequence-dependent specification. Some examples are ComputerPrograms, finite-state machines, co...^
        Argument6Any proposition which has the form of a deductive or inductive argument, i.e. a set of premises whi...^
        MealPlan6MealPlan refers to the Meal that are included in a particular stay at a TravelerAccommodation...^
        HotelPackage1HotelPackage is a type of Proposition initiated by a hotel or travel management company that in...^
        Constitution.The class Constitution includes the bodies of abstract principles formulated to guide the laws, i...^
        RegionalLaw.RegionalLaw is the class of regional laws, considered as a body, established by particular Gove...^
        SuffrageLaw6SuffrageLaw is a class that includes the various types of suffrage rules of different Nations. ...^
        Model30An abstract object that models certain aspect of a physical object, is subject to abstraction and i...^
        Equation10a mathematical statement that two expressions are equal.^
        ScientificLaw4A generalization based on recurring facts or events (in science or mathematics etc)^
        MultipolePostulate1One of the postulates of the multipole modeling theory.^
        Catalog5a Catalog is a Proposition of the classes of resources that an agent provides or offers^
        PricingScheme.PricingScheme refers to the conditions attached to the price of a product of service^

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