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BodySubstance153Extracellular material and mixtures of cells and extracellular material that are produced, excreted...^
    PlantSubstance47BodySubstances that are produced exclusively by Plants.^
        Alkaloid.A ChemicalBase found in Plants that has physiological and psychological effects.^
        Wood.Tissue that comprises the inner trunk of BotanicalTrees. It is often used in constructing Bui...^
        Rubber.Natural rubber, as opposed to synthetic rubber which is a Plastic, is a product of the rubber tre...^
        Cellulose.The main component of Plant Tissue.^
        Nectar.A sweet, sticky liquid that is produced by Plants and that attracts Insects.^
        Opium.A substance harvested from the seed capsules of the opium poppy that contains various powerful alka...^
        Hay.Grass that has been cut and cured for use as Fodder.^
        Herb5A Herb is a PlantSubstance. They generally refers to the leafy green or flowering parts of a pl...^
        PeelOrRind.PeelOrRind is the surface of a fruit or vegetable.^
        FleshOrPulp.FleshOrPulp is the Inside part of a fruit or vegetable.^
        TeaPlantAerialPart3TeaPlantAerialPart is the class of all parts of the tea plant from which tea may be made, includi...^
        WoodProduct24Products made from Wood material.^
        AloeveraGel.AloeveraGel is extract from AloeveraPlants typically used to make topical medications.^

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