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Quantity452何かの数や量の任意の仕様。 それに応じて、 二つの Quantity のサブクラスがある:Number (数)と PhysicalQuantity (量)。^
    PhysicalDimension11A physical dimension such as length, mass, force etc.^
        Length.As with length, this is the measure of an Object along its longest span.^
        Velocity.PhysicalDimension of velocity, [m/s].^
        Force.PhysicalDimension of force, [N].^
        AngularVelocity.PhysicalDimension of angular velocity, [s^-1].^
        Torque.PhysicalDimension of torque, [N/m].^
        Voltage.PhysicalDimension of voltage, [V].^
        Current.PhysicalDimension of electrical current, [A].^
        Pressure.PhysicalDimension of pressure, [Pa],[N.m^-2].^
        VolumeFlow.PhysicalDimension of volume flow, [m^-3].^
        Power.PhysicalDimension of power, [W].^
        Dimensionless.Dimensionless PhysicalDimension.^

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