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Device952A Device is an Artifact whose purpose is to serve as an instrument in a specific subclass of ...^
    MeasuringDevice19Any Device whose purpose is to measure a PhysicalQuantity.^
        Altimeter2A Device that measures the vertical distance to the some reference point of the surface below. Th...^
        Clock3Any Device that measures and represents TimeDuration or TimePosition.^
        Thermometer.Any Device that measures and represents TemperatureMeasure.^
        PressureMeasuringDevice2Any Device that measures and represents PressureMeasure.^
        TestForm.A FormText which is intended to measure some aspect of the cognitive capabilities, e.g. intellige...^
        FeelerGauge.A Device used to measure small gaps. It is typically a Collection of several such gauges of var...^
        Hydrometer.A MeasuringDevice that is used in Measuring the DensityFn of a liquid, usually with respect t...^
        MassAirflowSensor.A Device that measures the amount of Air flowing to the throttle body in a fuel injection syste...^
        OxygenSensor.A sensor that measures Oxygen. Typically it is to measure the Exhaust of an Automobile. More ...^
        Tachometer.A Device for Measuring the number of RevolutionsPerMinute of an object, typically an Engine...^
        BimetalTemperatureSensor.Two metals bonded together that have dissimilar thermal expansion properties. This leads to the str...^
        TorqueWrench.A Wrench that measures the amount of force applied, typically in pound-feet or Newton-meters.^
        VacuumGauge.A MeasuringDevice that measures the degree of Vacuum, relative to the surrounding air pressure....^

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