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Communication143A SocialInteraction that involves the transfer of information between two or more CognitiveAgen...^
    LinguisticCommunication91A Communication that involves the transfer of information via a LinguisticExpression.^
        WrittenCommunication7Any LinguisticCommunication where the instrument is a Text, e.g. a letter, an email, a memo, ...^
        Speaking23Any LinguisticCommunication by a Human which involves his/her vocal cords.^
        Corresponding.Instances of LinguisticCommunication which are achieved by means of Texts that are mailed betwe...^
        TellingALie2Any LinguisticCommunication which is both False and believed to be False by the agent of th...^
        ExpressingInLanguage1Any instance of Expressing that is also an instance of LinguisticCommunication, e.g. thanking s...^
        Debating.A Contest where each participant holds a different view regarding some issue, and each participan...^
        Negotiating.A Contest where each participant attempts to maximize his self-interest in a Promise that marks...^
        Stating12Instances of this Class commit the agent to some truth.For example, John claimed that the moon ...^
        Supposing.Instances of this Class suppose, for the sake of argument, that a proposition is true. For exampl...^
        Directing9Instances of this Class urge some further action among the receivers. A Directing can be an O...^
        Committing10Instances of this Class commit the agent to some future course of action. For example, Bob prom...^
        Declaring16The Class of LinguisticCommunications that effect an institutional alteration when performed by...^

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