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GeographicArea1286A geographic location, generally having definite boundaries. Note that this differs from its immedi...^
    LandArea996An area which is predominantly solid ground, e.g. a Nation, a mountain, a desert, etc. Note that ...^
        Cemetery.A LandArea which is used for burying the dead.^
        Park1A publicly owned LandArea which is intended to be used for recreation and/or exercise.^
        CultivatedLandArea3A LandArea which is dedicated to Agriculture, e.g. Lawns, gardens, and fields for growing cro...^
        Campground.A LandArea whose purpose is to have MobileResidences (e.g. recreational vehicles, mobile homes,...^
        CityBlock.A square-shaped area surrounded by Roadways which is part of a City and typically contains Bu...^
        Field1A LandArea that has been cleared of BotanicalTrees. Note that a Field is not necessarily used...^
        ShoreArea2A ShoreArea is a LandArea approximately 1-3 km wide bordering a body of water, such as an ocean...^
        Continent7As defined in the CIA World Fact Book, Continent covers seven land masses: Africa, NorthAmeri...^
        Island14A LandArea that is completely surrounded by a WaterArea.^
        Nation203The broadest GeopoliticalArea, i.e. Nations are GeopoliticalAreas that are not part of any ot...^
        StateOrProvince51Administrative subdivisions of a Nation that are broader than any other political subdivisions th...^
        City595A LandArea of relatively small size, inhabited by a community of people, and having some sort of ...^
        County.A GeopoliticalArea that is larger than a city, usually encompassing several cities, and smaller t...^
        LandTransitway31LandTransitway is the subclass of Transitway that represents areas intended for motion over the...^
        LandlockedArea.LandlockedArea is the class of LandAreas that lack access to an Ocean or to a Waterway prov...^
        ArableLand.ArableLand is the subclass of LandArea that represents land in cultivation with crops that are ...^
        PermanentCropLand.PermanentCropLand is the subclass of LandArea that represents land cultivated for crops that ar...^
        IrrigatedLand.IrrigatedLand is the subclass of LandArea representing land whose water supply is artificially ...^
        WatershedDivide.A WatershedDivide is a summit area, or narrow tract of higher ground that constitutes the watersh...^
        Piedmont.A Piedmont is a LandArea at the foot of mountains.^
        Isthmus.An Isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land masses and is bordered on two ...^
        Shoreline.Shoreline is the class of LandAreas that are the edge of a larger land mass abutting a borderin...^
        Forest5Forest is the class of large LandAreas that are covered by trees and associated undergrowth, ei...^
        Jungle.Jungle is a subclass of fertile LandAreas that are overgrown with tropical vegetation.^
        Desert.Desert is a subclass of LandAreas that are arid regions having sparse or no vegetation.^
        Oasis.Oasis is a subclass of LandAreas that are fertile places within a desert, which have water and ...^
        Grassland4Grassland is the class of LandAreas where the predominant vegetation is some kind of grass.^

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