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Attribute3773Qualities which we cannot or choose not to reify into subclasses of.^
    InternalAttribute493Any Attribute of an Entity that is an internal property of the Entity, e.g. its shape, its co...^
        TrackGauge4TrackGauge is the collection of attributes that characterize sections of railways, according to t...^
        DeviceStateAttribute5DeviceStateAttribute is the class of attributes that represent different states that a Device may...^
        LinguisticAttribute6Any Attribute that is expressed by a Language or class of Languages.^
        BreakabilityAttribute2A subclass of Attributes for characterizing the breakability of CorpuscularObjects.^
        PhysicalAttribute7An InternalAttribute given by physical properties of the object.^
        PhysicalState4The physical state of an Object. There are three reified instances of this Class: Solid, Li...^
        StructureAttribute49Each subclass of StructureAttribute denotes some facet of the structure of physical entities. E...^
        SaturationAttribute4A Class of Attributes that specify, in a qualitative manner, the extent of the presence of one ...^
        BiologicalAttribute344Attributes that apply specifically to instances of OrganicObject (Organism or AnatomicalStr...^
        TerrainAttribute6TerrainAttribute is a class of Attributes that describe terrain.^
        BiodiversityAttribute3BiodiversityAttribute is the class of Attributes that describe the level of biodiversity presen...^
        SolubilityAttribute2SolubilityAttribute is a &subclass of InternalAttributes. It describes the property of a Soli...^
        LexiconCategory4WordNet category: noun, verb, adjective or adverb^
        EquationAttribute2an attribute that applies to an equation or to a set of equations^
        AlgebroDifferentialAttribute.Set of both differential and algebraic equations^
        PhysicalDomain4An attribute of a multipole pole describing the kind of physical interaction the pole models.^
        MultipoleAttribute3a set of tags that can be associated with multipoles^
        Nonlinear.The description of the entity (e.g. a Model) involves nonlinear functions.^
        Backlashless.With no backlash.^
        Brushless.With no brushes (of electrical motors)^
        WebDocumentAttribute5knowledge base document attribute^

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