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VisualContentBearingObject61Instances of VisualContentBearingObject are ContentBearingObjects that are intended to convey m...^
    Image43Instances of Image are VisualContentBearingObjects that convey their meaning primarily in non-t...^
        Photograph.An Image that is the result of a process of Photographing.^
        TextualImage.Instances of TextualImage are Images that include depictions of LinguisticExpressions, such a...^
        Logo.Instances of Logo are Images that identify a particular Agent, typically an Organization, a...^
        ComputerDesktopImage1An Image that depicts a metaphorical desktop. It's designed to hold icons for commonly used files...^
        ComputerTouchscreenKeyboard1A portion of a ComputerTouchscreen which displays a keyboard and acts as a keyboard, accepting ta...^
        GUIElement37A GUIElement is an image on a ComputerScreen that a user uses to interact with a GraphicalUse...^

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