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ContentBearingPhysical2037Any Object or Process that expresses content. This covers Objects that contain a Propositio...^
    Icon98This is the subclass of ContentBearingPhysical which are not part of a Language and which have ...^
        Blueprint.An Icon which is a scale model of an Artifact, whether the Artifact actually exists or not.^
        Chart.An Icon which depicts one or more quantities.^
        Flag1An Icon made of Fabric that refers to a particular GeopoliticalArea.^
        ArrowIcon.An Icon which has the shape of an arrow and which is used to indicate direction or a relationship...^
        Map.An Icon which represents one or more GeographicAreas (or even the entire Earth).^
        TradingCard.A Collectible that depicts some Human (such as a professional sports star) or imaginary Auton...^
        RepresentationalArtWork.Any ArtWork that represents something Physical.^
        FolderIcon.A symbol of a paper file folder that is used to represent a collection of ComputerDataFiles in a ...^
        ComputerTouchscreenKeyboard1A portion of a ComputerTouchscreen which displays a keyboard and acts as a keyboard, accepting ta...^
        UIElement41A UIElement is a feature that a user uses to interact with a UserInterface. The type of interac...^
        UserDirectAction46A UserDirectAction is a physical action taken by a ComputerUser in interacting with a Compute...^

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