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IntentionalProcess783A Process that has a specific purpose for the Agent who performs it.^
    Guiding32Any IntentionalProcess where the agent tries to direct the behavior of another Object, whethe...^
        RailCarrierControl.RailCarrierControl is the process of controlling the speed or direction of a train by sending hig...^
        AnimalGuiding1A Carrying where the instrument of the Carrying is an Animal and that objectTransferred i...^
        MusicalConducting1An instance of MusicalConducting is a Guiding in which the patient (entity guided) is a Mus...^
        DramaticDirecting.The process of directing a DramaticActing in a MotionPicture or the Performance of a Dramat...^
        Seating.Guiding someone to a Seat, e.g. as when an usher shows someone to a Seat in an Auditorium.^
        Signalling2Signalling is the subclass of Guiding processes in which an agent, animate or inanimate, sends a ...^
        AchievingControl3AchievingControl is the class of all events in which an Agent gains physical control over some ...^
        RegulatoryProcess7An Guiding whose aim is the enforcement of rules or regulations. Note the key differences between...^
        Managing.OrganizationalProcesses that involve overseeing the activities of others. Note the key difference...^
        Driving1Controlling the direction and/or speed of a Vehicle. This includes navigating a ship, driving a c...^
        EducationalProcess.Any Process which is intended to result in Learning.^
        GuidingMotion.Controlling the motion (direction, trajectory, and/or speed) of an Object.^
        PhysicalGuiding3Controlling the motion (direction, trajectory, and/or speed) of a CorpuscularObject.^
        MovingCursor1The UserSignifiedGraphicalAction is accomplished by a ComputerUser taking a UserDirectAction ...^

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