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Group594A Collection of Agents, e.g. a flock of sheep, a herd of goats, or the local Boy Scout troop.^
    GroupOfPeople190Any Group whose members are exclusively Humans.^
        SportsTeam9A GroupOfPeople who habitually play a Sport together, either as an occupation or as a leisure a...^
        DramaticCast.The GroupOfPeople who engage in DramaticActing as part of the realization of a single Fiction...^
        Jury.A GroupOfPeople who are given the duty of rendering a verdict with respect to a LegalAction.^
        CriminalGang.A GroupOfPeople which exists (partially or wholly) for the purpose of CriminalAction.^
        MusicalGroup3A GroupOfPeople that create MakingMusic together.^
        Public.a body of people sharing some common interest; example: the reading public.^
        AgeGroup.A GroupOfPeople whose members all have the same age.^
        FamilyGroup1A GroupOfPeople whose members bear familyRelations to one another.^
        SocialUnit1A GroupOfPeople who all have the same home.^
        EthnicGroup22A GroupOfPeople whose members originate from the same GeographicArea or share the same Lang...^
        BeliefGroup139A GroupOfPeople whose members share a belief or set of beliefs.^

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