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Region1347A topographic location. Regions encompass surfaces of Objects, imaginary places, and Geograph...^
    GeographicArea1286A geographic location, generally having definite boundaries. Note that this differs from its immedi...^
        ParkingLot.A ParkingLot is a GeographicArea that contains greaterThan one [1] ParkingRegion^
        BusStop.An area, often, though not necessarily with seats or some kind of minimal shelter, where people gat...^
        MilitaryFront.A GeographicArea along which opposing military forces confront one another in a Battle.^
        Marketplace.An area, building, or set of buildings where FinancialTransactions are intended to take place. Th...^
        TouristSite.A tourist site is a location that has some feature of interest to Tourists, which entertains or i...^
        Neighborhood.Neighborhood refers to a GeographicArea that is a subregion of a larger geographic area, such a...^
        GeopoliticalArea941Any GeographicArea which is associated with some sort of political structure. This class includes...^
        WaterArea96A body which is made up predominantly of water, e.g. rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.^
        LandArea996An area which is predominantly solid ground, e.g. a Nation, a mountain, a desert, etc. Note that ...^
        SurfaceGroundArea.SurfaceGroundArea is a subclass of GeographicArea that is restricted to regions whose surface i...^
        WaterOnlyArea.WaterOnlyArea is a subclass of GeographicArea that is restricted to regions whose surface is wa...^
        InternationalBorder.InternationalBorder is the subclass of GeographicAreas where the areas of two Nations meet.^
        Checkpoint.An area on or very near a border, usually along a road connecting two regions, where MilitaryPers...^
        MaritimeClaimArea6A MaritimeClaimArea is a GeographicArea delimited by a geopolitical state's claim, under the ...^
        GeologicalFault4GeologicalFault is the subclass of GeographicAreas in which there is a fracture in the Earth's ...^
        Ecosystem15Ecosystem is a subclass of GeographicAreas considered together with their organisms and environ...^
        Hemisphere4Hemisphere is the class of GeographicAreas that are halves of the Earth, as traditionally divid...^
        LandForm43A LandForm is the class of geographically and/or geologically distinct areas that occur on Earth'...^
        UndergroundArea.The class of regions located Below the surface of the earth.^
        LakeRegion.A LakeRegion is a GeographicArea including land surrounding one or more Lakes.^
        LittoralZone.A LittoralZone is an area along the shore of a large body of water, especially an Ocean or Se...^
        ArchipelagicArea.An ArchipelagicArea is a GeographicArea including an Archipelago and the surrounding WaterA...^
        Cave.A Cave is a naturally formed opening beneath the surface of the Earth, generally formed by dissol...^
        SubmergedLandArea4SubmergedLandArea is the class of land regions that are located beneath bodies of water.^

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