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Image43Instances of Image are VisualContentBearingObjects that convey their meaning primarily in non-t...^
UIElement41A UIElement is a feature that a user uses to interact with a UserInterface. The type of interac...^
    GUIElement37A GUIElement is an image on a ComputerScreen that a user uses to interact with a GraphicalUse...^
        BannerNotification.Banners are displayed for a short period of time in the upper right corner of the Mac's screen, and...^
        GUIDock.A GUIElement of persistent Icons along one side of the screen.^
        GUIActiveArea26A GUIActiveArea is a (normally rectangular) GUIElement which a user can make active (change its...^
        Cursor2A Cursor is a GUIElement designed for a user to move around a computer screen. A cursor can hav...^
        InterfaceWindow2An InterfaceWindow is a GUIElement that covers a (normally rectangular region of a computer scr...^
        TextBox2A TextBox is a (normally rectangular) GUIElement which displays and/or accepts input of text.^

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