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Artifact1447An Object that is the product of a Making.^
    Fabric11Artifacts that are created by weaving together natural or synthetic fibers or by treating the ski...^
        Rug1A piece of Fabric whose purpose is to cover a Floor.^
        Towel.A piece of Fabric which is used for Drying.^
        Leather.A Fabric that is the result of tanning an Animal Skin.^
        Silk.Fabric that is woven from the strands produced by certain Larval Insects.^
        Wool.Fabric that is made from the Hair of Sheep.^
        Pocket.A pouch of Fabric in an instance of Clothing where something can be kept.^
        Blanket.A piece of Fabric whose purpose is to keep a person who is in bed warm.^
        CottonFabric.Any Fabric that is made entirely out of Cotton.^
        Bandage.A piece of Fabric that is used in Covering an open wound.^
        Curtain.A piece of Fabric whose purpose is Covering a Window so as to keep out the light or prevent p...^

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