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Device952A Device is an Artifact whose purpose is to serve as an instrument in a specific subclass of ...^
    EngineeringComponent244A fundamental concept that applies in many engineering domains. An EngineeringComponent is an ele...^
        CartridgeCase.the part of a cartridge that holds the bullet^
        GunBarrel.The part of a Gun through which a Projectile travels when it is fired.^
        GunTrigger.The part of the Gun which is pulled in Shooting the Gun.^
        GunStock.The part of a Gun that is placed against the shoulder to absorb some of the recoil action when it...^
        Handle.The part or parts of an Artifact that are designed to be held with the Hands when the Artifac...^
        WingDevice.The wings of Aircraft, i.e. the parts of Aircraft that allow them to become and remain airborne...^
        DriveComponent1An EngineeringComponent whose purpose is to transfer force from one part of a Device to another...^
        Manifold.A pipe which has several outlets for other pipes that flow into or out of it.^
        SwitchDevice2An EngineeringComponent which is capable of turning an ElectricDevice on and off.^
        CommunicationDevice85A CommunicationDevice is a Device which serves at the instrument in a Communication Proce...^
        WireSpring.An EngineeringComponent consisting of a coil of Wire that returns to its original shape when pu...^
        WireLine1A Wire that is designed for conducting electricity.^
        Hinge.An EngineeringComponent that connects one thing to another in such a way that they can move relat...^
        EngineeringConnection4An EngineeringConnection is an EngineeringComponent that represents a connection relationship b...^
        MechanicalDevice41An EngineeringComponent in function of which play role mechanical energetical interactions.^
        FluidPowerDevice13An EngineeringComponent in function of which play role fluid-power energetical interactions.^
        Rotor.The Rotating component of a motor, generator or similar Device.^
        Controller4a mechanism that controls the operation of some device^
        ComputerPort2A 'female' electrical connection consisting of several Wires in a specific shape and configuratio...^
        ComputerPlug.A 'male' electrical connection consisting of several Wires in a specific shape and configuration ...^
        ComputerHardware81The hardware is the physical part of a computer system.^
        ArtificialSatellite6An ArtificialSatellite is a Device that orbits the earth in space and performs various function...^
        BroadcastingStation5A BroadcastingStation is an engineeringSubcomponent of either a TelevisionSystem or a Radio...^
        TelevisionReceiver1A TelevisionReceiver is a Device for receiving television broadcast signals from a Television...^
        MechanicalJoint5A Device that links two parts of a PhysicalSystem and allows them to move in relation to one an...^
        Radiator.A Device which is designed for having a Liquid travel through a metal honeycomb, in order to co...^
        Flywheel.Any Device designed to smooth the application of force or keep a Shaft spinning in the absence ...^

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