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Device952A Device is an Artifact whose purpose is to serve as an instrument in a specific subclass of ...^
    ElectricDevice144A Device that uses Electricity as its primary power source.^
        ElectrifiedRailwayCar2ElectrifiedRailwayCar is the subclass of railway cars that are powered by electricity, which is pro...^
        Computer44A general-purpose machine that processes data according to a set of instructions that are stored in...^
        ElectricMotor.ElectricMotor is the subclass of Engines that produce mechanical power from electricity.^
        Microphone1A CommunicationDevice that converts sound into electrical energy.^
        ReceiverDevice31An ElectricDevice that is capable of receiving and decoding RadioEmissions, e.g. Radios and &...^
        Telegraph.A Device that permits LinguisticCommunication between remote points by means of a code of aural...^
        Refrigerator.The intersection of Containers and ElectricDevices in which the temperature is reduced from tha...^
        Battery3Battery is a subclass of Device. Batteries are devices that use chemical means to store or produc...^
        Radar.An ElectricDevice that emits and receives microwave radiation for the purpose of locating and tra...^
        SecurityAlarm.A SecurityDevice that detects intrusions to a StationaryArtifact and issues a warning of some s...^
        Telephone31A Telephone is a CommunicationDevice that enables LinguisticCommunication between nodes in a ...^
        FaxMachine.A FaxMachine is a TelephonyDevice that scans a paper page and transmits a coded image of the pa...^
        SolderingIron.An ElectricDevice for melting Solder and thereby Attaching metallic objects to one another.^
        TelephonyDevice33A TelephonyDevice is a CommunicationDevice that, when connected to a TelephoneSystem, functio...^
        FabricIron.An iron is a small appliance used in %&Ironing to remove wrinkles from %&Fabric.^
        HairDryer.HairDryer is a type of DryingDevice used specifically for Drying Hair^
        Microwave.Microwave is an ElectricDevice that heats food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it^
        ElectricCoffeeMaker.ElectricCoffeeMaker is a Device that makes Coffee^
        AirConditioner.AirConditioner is a type of ElectricDevice that is designed to provide comfort during hot or co...^
        SpeakerDevice5SpeakerDevice is a type of device that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be ...^
        VideoDisplay1VideoDisplay is a type of ElectricDevice that can RadiatingLight to show VideoRecording^
        Photocopier.An ElectricDevice designed for Making a two dimensional representation of an Object or a copy...^
        CapacitorElement.An AcrossVariableAccumulator from electrical energy domain.^
        InductorElement.A ThroughVariableAccumulator from electrical energy domain.^
        Stator.Stationary part of a motor or generator in or around which the rotor revolves.^
        ElectricalMotor4An electrical motor.^
        ResistorElement.An ElectricalComponent that resists the flow of electrical current. A Dissipator from electrica...^
        ElectricalComponent22A discrete ElectricDevice for general usage, such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors e...^
        ElectricalCircuit11A complex ElectricDevice consisting of several mutually interconnected electrical components.^
        DevicePowerSupply.An ElectricDevice designed to take standard alternating current home wall outlet power and conver...^
        ElectricSpeakerDevice4A combination SpeakerDevice and ElectricDevice.^
        VideoCamera.A Camera for taking video images.^
        Accelerometer.A type of ElectricDevice used to measure acceleration.^
        TelevisionSet.TelevisionSet is an ElectricDevice comprised of a TelevisionReceiver and some form of Video...^
        Charger.An ElectricDevice that is the instrument of Charging^
        Electromagnet.A Magnet that is created by sending Electricity through coils of Wire that are wound around a...^
        Solenoid.A Device that uses an Electromagnet to actuate an arm or shaft to perform some function.^

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