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LinguisticCommunication97A Communication that involves the transfer of information via a LinguisticExpression.^
    Declaring16The Class of LinguisticCommunications that effect an institutional alteration when performed by...^
        Founding.Setting up an Organization.^
        Accrediting.Any process of certifying an EducationalOrganization.^
        Divorcing.A LegalAction whereby a marriage (Wedding) is dissolved. This includes annulments.^
        Appointing1Any instance of Declaring by which the patient is assigned to a Position within an Organizati...^
        Wedding.Any Declaring that leads to one person being the spouse of another.^
        PassingABill.The Process of converting a LegislativeBill into Law by a duly authorized legislative body of...^
        Proclaiming.Any instance of Speaking before an assembled audience that effects an institutional change, e.g. ...^
        GameCall.A decision issued by an official referee in a Game. Note that GameCall is a subclass of Decla...^
        LegalDecision5A decision issued by a court with respect to a LegalAction. Note that a LegalDecision is the ac...^
        Naming.The Process of assigning a name to someone or something.^

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