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ActiveAgreement38ActiveAgreement describes an Agreement that is still binding or is still in effect^
Promise39Attribute that applies to Propositions that an Agent promises to make true. Promises may be...^
    Contract37Contract is a type of Agreement that is legally enforceable, meaning a CognitiveAgent can pur...^
        CivilAffairsAgreement.An agreement that governs the relationship between allied armed forces located in a friendly countr...^
        MarriageContract.An Contract between a married couple about how assets owned by the couple will be distributed in ...^
        PurchaseContract.A Contract between two Agents in which one Agent agrees to render the other some good or serv...^
        ServiceContract15A Contract where an Agent agrees to perform a service for another Agent (usually for a price)...^
        Treaty.Any Contract which holds between two or more Nations.^
        FinancialContract15A financial agreement between two or more parties^
        LoanCommitment.A formal offer by a lender making explicit the terms under which it agrees to lend money to a borro...^
        EarlyTerminationFeeClause.An early termination fee is a charge levied when a party wants to break the term of an agreement or...^

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