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SocialInteraction442The subclass of IntentionalProcess that involves interactions between CognitiveAgents.^
    Contest110A SocialInteraction where the agent and patient are CognitiveAgents who are trying to defea...^
        MusicContest1MusicContest is a type of Contest where some Judging is made on a MakingMusic instance.^
        Debating.A Contest where each participant holds a different view regarding some issue, and each participan...^
        Negotiating.A Contest where each participant attempts to maximize his self-interest in a Promise that marks...^
        BusinessCompetition.Any Contest where the contestParticipants are Corporations and the aim is to win as many cust...^
        ViolentContest27A Contest where one participant attempts to physically injure another participant.^
        Game74A Contest whose purpose is the enjoyment/stimulation of the participants or spectators of the G...^
        LegalAction2Any Process where a CognitiveAgent seeks to obtain something through a court of law.^

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