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ComputerHardware81The hardware is the physical part of a computer system.^
    ComputerInputDevice67A peripheral device that generates input for the computer such as a keyboard, scanner, or mouse.^
        ComputerKeyboard.A ComputerInputDevice containing a set of keys and used to input different characters.^
        TouchScreen.A display screen that also functions as a pointing device by letting users touch on it^
        DataSink.A device or part of the computer that receives data.^
        ComputerIODevice20A ComputerIODevice is both a ComputerInputDevice and a ComputerOutputDevice.^
        ComputerKeyboard_Generic4A ComputerInputDevice for accepting typed input. This could be a keyboard with a typewriter layou...^
        ComputerInputButton30A physical ComputerInputDevice such that pushing the button down, pushing it down twice quickly, ...^
        ComputerMouse.A ComputerInputDevice that fits in a person's hand for accepting point and click input on a flat ...^
        ScrollWheel.A ComputerInputDevice that consists of a wheel that projects perpendicularly out of a surface. A ...^
        TouchSensitiveComputerInputDevice4A touch-sensitive ComputerInputDevice for accepting point and click input on a 2D surface. The de...^
        Joystick.A type of ComputerInputDevice with a stick that can be activated to control a cursor in the X and...^
        Trackball.A type of ComputerInputDevice with a ball that can be rolled to control a cursor in the X and Y d...^

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