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SocialInteraction436The subclass of IntentionalProcess that involves interactions between CognitiveAgents.^
ContentBearingProcess154Any Process, for example ManualHumanLanguage, which may contain a Proposition.^
    Communication153A SocialInteraction that involves the transfer of information between two or more CognitiveAgen...^
        Indicating.Pointing out a person, place or thing with one's hand or with an Artifact.^
        Telephoning.A Telephoning is a Communication in which the instrument is a Telephone, and which typicall...^
        ArtifactMediatedCommunication4ArtifactMediatedCommunication refers to Communication that uses some Artifact as an instrum...^
        Disseminating16Any Communication that involves a single agent and many destinations. This covers the release...^
        Gesture25Any BodyMotion, e.g. a hand wave, a nod of the head, a smile, which is also an instance of Comm...^
        Expressing9Instances of this Class express a state of the agent.For example, Jane thanked Barbara for the ...^
        LinguisticCommunication97A Communication that involves the transfer of information via a LinguisticExpression.^
        InPersonCommunication.An instance of InPersonCommunication is a Communication that occurs between two or more Hum...^

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