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Object4713Corresponds roughly to the class of ordinary objects. Examples include normal physical objects, geo...^
    Collection655Collections have members like Classes, but, unlike Classes, they have a position in space-tim...^
        GolgiApparatus.The stack of flattened vesicles that functions in the posttranslational processing and sorting of p...^
        WebListingCategory.a collection of WebListings where all the items being advertised in those listings are of the s...^
        VisitorProfile.A type of Collection of Formulas which are known by someone who possesses a WebSite. All th...^
        WebStore.A Collection of WebPages that is a component of a WebSite, that hasPurpose of being where &...^
        MultivariateTest.A multivariate is test where multiple componenets are tested simultaneously. Here it is represented...^
        MerchantMarine.MerchantMarine is a class of Collections of Ships, each collection belonging to a particular ...^
        Train.Train is the subclass of TransportationDevice whose instances are linked sequences of Rolling...^
        Discography.A Discography is the collection of all released MusicRecording of a Musician. This is differe...^
        Script.The collection of Characters in a particular written language. Every WrittenCommunication consi...^
        Fleet.A Collection of Vehicle^
        ClothingSuit1A Collection of instances of Clothing that are designed to be worn together.^
        CommunicationSystem13CommunicationSystem is a complex system with various components, enabling communication (in some ...^
        MediaSystem10MediaSystem is a Collection of components that enable the RadiatingSound of AudioRecording ...^
        Industry.The class of Collections of Corporations which are in the same line of business.^
        Convoy1A group of vehicles that all are being driven in formation (e.g., lines, rows, columns) to the same...^
        FireSprinklerSystem.FireSprinklerSystem is a Collection of Devices that allow water to be released when a Fire ...^
        SurveillanceSystem.SurveillanceSystem is a Collection of devices that work together to provide security by recordi...^
        Group594A Collection of Agents, e.g. a flock of sheep, a herd of goats, or the local Boy Scout troop.^
        RoomInventory.RoomInventory is the Collection of HotelUnit that a TravelerAccommodation has in one Prop...^
        HotelMiniBar.HotelMiniBar is a Collection of (FoodForFn Human) that is available for a certain price^
        SolarSystem.SolarSystem is the class of systems that consist of a star or stars and any encircling astronomic...^
        InlandWaterSystem.An instance of InlandWaterSystem comprises two or more lakes or rivers, canals, or other waterway...^
        RiverSystem.A RiverSystem comprises all the tributary streams and rivers (StreamWaterAreas) that drain alon...^
        Archipelago5An Archipelago is a group of islands.^
        Meal.Meal refers to a Collection of (%&FoodForFn Human) that is eaten at one time^
        Buffet.Buffet refers to a Collection of food that is served in a central location where guests can get...^
        Outfit.Outfit describes the set of clothes worn by a person^
        ComputerSystem1A Collection of Computers connected by a ComputerNetwork and possibly containing various Co...^
        RemoteKeylessSystem.A SecurityDevice that consists of two parts a Key and a matching Lock. The Key is also a ...^

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