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BiochemicalAgent47A BiologicalAgent or a ChemicalAgent.^
CompoundSubstance174The Class of Substances that contain two or more elements (ElementalSubstances) in definite p...^
BiologicallyActiveSubstance267A Substance that is capable of inducing a change in the structure or functioning of an Organism...^
(ComplementFn OrganicObject).^
    ChemicalAgent26Synthetic compounds that are not an analogue of anything occurring naturally and that can result in...^
        BlisterAgent5ChemicalAgents that affect eyes, lungs, and skin. BlisterAgents are so named because they cause...^
        BloodAgent3A CompoundSubstance that prevents the normal use of oxygen by bodily tissues. BloodAgents are h...^
        IncapacitatingAgent2ChemicalAgents that are designed to cause temporary disability in victims.^
        NerveAgent7These ChemicalAgents are easily absorbed into the mucous membranes of humans and inactivate the e...^
        ChokingAgent4ChemicalAgents designed to cause the lungs to fill with fluid, which can result in the victim cho...^

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