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BinaryPredicate1041A Predicate relating two items - its valence is two.^
InheritableRelation1715The class of Relations whose properties can be inherited downward in the class hierarchy via the ...^
AsymmetricRelation292A BinaryRelation is asymmetric if and only if it is both an AntisymmetricRelation and an Irre...^
    CaseRole67The Class of Predicates relating the spatially distinguished parts of a Process. CaseRoles ...^
        invadingVirus.(invadingVirus ?CELLINV ?VIRUS) means that ?VIRUS is a virus that invades a host cell in the cell...^
        catalyst.A relation between a ChemicalProcess and a Substance that acts to accelerate or enable the Ch...^
        objectOfBid.A CaseRole of Bidding identifying the instance of Physical being bid on.^
        amountOfBid.A CaseRole of Bidding identifying the CurrencyMeasure of the bid.^
        broker1This CaseRole relates an instance of a FinancialTransaction to the Broker of the sale.^
        eCommerceSite.This CaseRole relates an instance of a FinancialTransaction to the WebSite that facilitaed th...^
        experimentalSubject.The CaseRole (experimentalSubject ?EXPERIMENT ?SUBJECT) means that ?SUBJECT is a Human who is t...^
        experimenter.The CaseRole (experimenter ?EXPERIMENT ?HUMAN) means that ?HUMAN is one of the CognitiveAgents ...^
        computerRunning.(computerRunning ?Process ?Computer) means that the ComputerProcess ?Process is running on ?Compu...^
        standardInputDevice.(standardInputDevice ?PROCESS ?DEVICE) holds just in case the DEVICE is the predefined input chan...^
        standardOutputDevice.(standardOutputDevice ?PROGRAM ?DEVICE) holds just in case the DEVICE is the predefined output ch...^
        standardErrorDevice.(standardErrorDevice ?PROGRAM ?DEVICE) holds just in case the DEVICE is the predefined error chan...^
        dataProcessed.The data being processed during a ComputerProcess.^
        resourceUsed.(resourceUsed ?Process ?Resource) means that the ComputerProcess ?Process has access to the C...^
        detainee.(detainee ?EVENT ?OBJECT) means that in the Confining ?EVENT, the Object ?OBJECT is restrained by f...^
        targetInAttack.This relation identifies the patient in the event that is the object of the attack.^
        enjoys.(enjoys ?AGENT ?PROCESS) means that the CognitiveAgent ?AGENT tends to enjoy actions of type ?P...^
        reactant.(reactant ?PROCESS ?SUBSTANCE) means that ?SUBSTANCE is a chemical reactant in the chemical reactio...^
        reagent.(reagent ?PROCESS ?SUBSTANCE) means that ?SUBSTANCE is a chemical agent in the chemical reaction ?P...^
        experimentalControl.(experimentalControl ?EXPERIMENT ?OBJ) means that the Object ?OBJ serves as a control in the instan...^
        defendant.(defendant ?AGENT ?ACTION) means the LegalAction ?ACTION makes a legal claim against ?AGENT.^
        plaintiff.(plaintiff ?ACTION ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT is responsible for initiating the LegalAction ?ACTIO...^
        contestParticipant.(contestParticipant ?CONTEST ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT is one of the sides in the Contest ?CONT...^
        typicalAction.(typicalAction ?PROCESS ?CLASS) means that instances of the class ?AGENT are typically an active ...^
        transported1(transported ?EVENT ?OBJ) means that ?OBJ is transported (carried/moved to a different physical l...^
        cargo.(cargo ?EVENT ?OBJ) means that ?OBJ is transported as cargo in the Shipping event ?EVENT.^
        serviceProvider.(serviceProvider ?EVENT ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT is the supplier of the service provided in ?EVE...^
        serviceRecipient.(serviceRecipient ?EVENT ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT is the receiver of the service provided in ?EV...^
        controlled1(controlled ?EVENT ?OBJECT) means that during the AchievingControl denoted by ?EVENT, ?OBJECT c...^
        gainsControl.(gainsControl ?EVENT ?AGENT) means that during ?EVENT, ?AGENT gains control of the patient (obj...^
        losesControl.(losesControl ?EVENT ?AGENT) means that during ?EVENT, ?AGENT loses physical control of the con...^
        arrested.(arrested ?EVENT ?AGENT) means that during ?EVENT, ?AGENT is taken into custody, typically by a r...^
        conveyance.(conveyance ?EVENT ?OBJ) means that ?OBJ is the Vehicle or other transportation device used in ...^
        objectTransferred1A relation that specifies the object that is transferred during the process. For example, in a Ma...^
        suffers.The opposite of benefits. The Agent does not want the action to occur.^
        passenger.The CaseRole of being a passenger on a vehicle, rather than its driver or power source.^
        agent8(agent ?PROCESS ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT is an active determinant, either animate or inanimate, ...^
        destination.(destination ?PROCESS ?GOAL) means that ?GOAL is the target or goal of the Process ?PROCESS. For ex...^
        experiencer3(experiencer ?PROCESS ?AGENT) means that ?AGENT experiences the Process ?PROCESS. For example, ...^
        instrument7(instrument ?EVENT ?TOOL) means that ?TOOL is used by an agent in bringing about ?EVENT and that ?T...^
        origin.(origin ?PROCESS ?SOURCE) means that ?SOURCE indicates where the ?Process began. Note that this r...^
        patient32(patient ?PROCESS ?ENTITY) means that ?ENTITY is a participant in ?PROCESS that may be moved, sai...^
        resource1(resource ?PROCESS ?RESOURCE) means that ?RESOURCE is present at the beginning of ?PROCESS, is us...^
        resourceExhausted.(resourceExhausted ?PROCESS ?RESOURCE) means that ?RESOURCE is present at the beginning of ?PROCE...^
        result.(result ?ACTION ?OUTPUT) means that ?OUTPUT is a product of ?ACTION. For example, house is a resu...^
        eventPartlyLocated2(eventPartlyLocated ?PROC ?OBJ) means that some subProcess of Process ?PROC is located in O...^
        eventLocated.(eventLocated ?PROC ?OBJ) means that the entire Process ?PROC is located on Object ?OBJ, mean...^
        moves1(moves ?MOTION ?OBJECT) means that during the Motion event ?MOTION, ?OBJECT moves. This does no...^
        changesLocation.(changesLocation ?EVENT ?OBJECT) means that during the Translocation event ?EVENT, ?OBJECT's lo...^
        path.(path ?MOTION ?PATH) means that ?PATH is a route along which ?MOTION occurs. For example, Highway...^
        objectAttached.Relates an object that is attached to the Process of Attaching.^
        objectDetached.Relates an object that is dettached to the Process of Detaching.^
        attends.(attends ?DEMO ?PERSON) means that ?PERSON attends, i.e. is a member of the audience, of the perf...^
        direction.(direction ?PROC ?ATTR) means that the Process ?PROC is moving in the direction ?ATTR. For exam...^
        evidence.A relation between a LegalAction and some Physical Object or Process that is used to suppor...^
        judge.A CaseRole that relates the JudgeAtLaw in a case to a legal action. Note that this is not solel...^
        witness.A party in a LegalAction who has been the experiencer in some prior event that is evidence fo...^
        arrestingOfficer.The PoliceOfficer who is PlacingUnderArrest the arrested individual.^
        victim.The one who is the object of a CriminalAction and suffers its results.^
        perpetrator.A agent of a CriminalAction. Note that for some crimes like manslaughter the agent may not nece...^
        defenseLawyer.The representative of the defendant in a criminal case or the respondant in a civil one. The goal...^
        prosecutor.The representative of the state in a criminal case. The goal of the prosecutor is an adversarial sy...^
        attorney.The role of being an attorney in a LegalAction. Note that this encompasses being an attorney for ...^
        referee.The CaseRole of being a judge or coordinator of a game, as opposed to a player in the game.^
        plays.The CaseRole of being a player of a game, as opposed to a judge or other supporting role.^
        accountUsed.The UserAccount used in a particular Process.^
        webVisitor.(webvisitor ?HUMAN ?SITE) means that there exists an AccessingWebPage where ?HUMAN is the agent, ...^

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