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CommercialAgent63这是一个为了牟利,以收取费用而提供产品和/或服务的 一个 Agent that。^
Organization519一个 Organization 是一家公司或者是类似的机构。 Organizationmember 通常有着共同的一向和功能。注:这个类别也包括组织的分支和部门等等。例如: 壳牌石...^
    Business62Business 的实例是一个属于 CommercialAgentOrganization^
        Agency.A Business whose customers are all other CommercialAgents, e.g. staffing agencies, food-service...^
        EntertainmentCompany.Any Business whose services include Performances. This class covers nightclubs, commercial live...^
        FinancialCompany1The class FinancialCompany includes, as subclasses, FinancialBank, CreditUnion and SavingsA...^
        InsuranceCompany1A Business that insures Agents for the payment of a premium or premiums.^
        TransportationCompany7A Business whose services include Transportation, e.g. a RailroadCompany, an airline, a cruis...^
        Partnership1A Business that is owned by more than one person.^
        Restaurant5Any Business whose services include selling Food to customers which is intended to be eaten on th...^
        Proprietorship.A Business that is owned by a single person.^
        Corporation35这是一个有特别法律地位的 Organization,这个地位 容许一群人以 CommercialAgent 的身份行事,这个安排让东主 (股东)避免负可能由这个机构运作所引起的很多 责任。^
        FuneralArranger.An instance of FuneralArranger is a Business that enbalms dead Human bodies and conducts ...^
        Crematorium.An instance of Crematorium is a Business that incinerates corpses, reducing them to ashes.^
        Bakery.a type of Business that specializes in the production and selling of the result of the process ...^

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